Getting Started

VisionLink Unified Service information helps Maintenance Managers, Service Managers, and Service Technicians get a complete picture of their fleet's health and keep their assets up and running. VisionLink Unified Service can help you:

  • Decide when to act upon overdue and upcoming service intervals for timely planned preventive maintenance
  • Determine which assets require immediate attention based on severity of fault codes, fluid analysis samples, and inspections results
  • Assign and monitor progress on all activities associated with maintaining the fleet
  • Schedule maintenance based on asset location to increase technician efficiency and reduce downtime and costly repeated trips
  • Promptly address faults on their assets and events due to operator errors or machine breakdowns
  • Monitor progress on all activities associated with maintaining the health of the fleet
  • Review the service and maintenance history of the assets

Here's how to get started with VisionLink Unified Service:

ClosedWatch the Tutorials

ClosedPrimary Navigation

Whether you work on a mobile device or on your desktop, you can easily navigate between features while retaining your focus on your selected assets. Move between VisionLink Unified Service features using menus on mobile devices and pages on the desktop.

ClosedWorking with Multiple Accounts

When your email address is associated with multiple accounts, you are prompted to select the main account (and optionally, a sub-account) upon login. This Account Selection feature is designed for:

  • Dealer users who use the same email address across multiple accounts (Dealer and Customer accounts)
  • Dealer users who have multiple customer accounts under their main account
  • Customer users who use the same email address across multiple Customer accounts.

Selecting accounts

ClosedUser Preferences

Configure your interface to match the way you do business. Set your preferences for default language, units of measure, time zone, etc. You can change your user preferences in the Preferences page. Your preferences override any preferences set for your user account.

Changing user preferences

ClosedChanging your password

You do not change your password within the VisionLink application. Instead, you must change it while logging into VisionLink.

Changing your password

ClosedLaunch VisionLink applications

Launch a VisionLink application by selecting from the App Launcher. The app opens in another browser window so you can easily navigate between open applications via browser tabs.

Note – If the VisionLink app is unavailable, you may not have a subscription for it or you may not have permission to access it. Contact your Administrator for assistance.